5g Technology – The Fastest Internet Connections

Every new era of technology development provide faster network speed to our smart phones. 1g brought us the very first cell phone networks, 2g gave us the text option for the very first time 3g made us possible to use internet, 4g is the fast speed internet that we use every day today. As more users have started to join the internet today, people need more data for their smart phones. However, in this technology article, you will get to know everything about 5g technology. Not only that, you will get to know, 5g network countries, 5g frequency, 5g network in world and most crucially importance of 5g technology in this current era of technology. So let’s begin.

Everything You Should Know About 5g Internet

5g is the next generation network of wireless connection. Using 5g internet connection, you would be able to handle 1000 times more internet traffic than what we use today. Moreover, this internet connection will be 10 times faster than 4g we use today.

What is a 5g network? How we would be capable of using such fastest speed internet? Well, 5g is the answer of all the virtual reality that we use today. 5g network is the made from the five technology advancements.

  1.  Millimeter Waves – Specific frequencies on the radio frequency spectrum. But these frequencies get slower as more traffic come online and ends in dropped connections or slower internet. The solution is to open up new estate where the researchers would be able to broadcast internet on shorter millimeter waves.

 These millimeter waves would fall between 30 to 300 millimeter gigahertz. However, this area of frequency internet has never been used by anyone and to open this would mean more internet bandit for everyone. There is still a problem, which is that mm waves cannot be pass through the rain drop of things such as tress, therefore, to overcome this problem, here is technology number two.

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  • Small Cell Network – These are the small power mini base stations which are much closer to each other as compared to the one larger network towers that we use today. The technology advantage of small cell network would allow user to ignore the obstacles that would come along the way. For instance, if any obstacles (such as, trees, houses, etc) would come along the way of user to interact internet speed, the user with 5g connection will automatically switch to a new small cell network. In this way, you will be able to get a faster and more reliable internet connection.
  • Massive MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) – in today’s internet, there is only a limited dozen amount of ports for antennas used on the internet tower. However, with the massive MIMO, you’d be able to have a hundred ports for antennas, increasing internet capacity about 22 or more.

This will cause a serious a serious interference among the signals which will not allow the network to be able to detect a certain signal. Therefore, comes with the next technology.

Beam Forming – It is like a traffic cellular system for all the cellular networks. This will allow a certain signal in one direction only to reach a specific user with specific network, sorting out all the interferences that have been caused due to massive MIMO.

  • Full Duplex – have you ever used a walky talky? This allows one action to perform at a time, wither you can use it for speaking anything or you can sue it for listening to anything on your device. Today’s cellular system works in the same way. Now researchers have developed a way to this technology allows the network system to use both the actions to be able to perform at the same time.

The first country to use 5g internet was South Korea in 2019, April. Other countries are also using 5g internet such as Australia, china, Germany, India, Japan, America, etc. Using the 5g connection, it has helped South Korea to develop a faster internet sped with more data and network capacity. It also provides higher speed and a better user experience and is beneficial for use of industries.