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When I received my order at home, I was all excited to use the product. I had shower and washed my hair and when my hair became slightly damp, I squeezed a small amount for about one press on it, rubbed the mythic oil on my hands first as per the instructions written on its bottle and then I applied it to my hair.

Even though I wanted all these qualities in the hair products that I was looking for, I had no idea that I would found these all in one product at once. Yes, I really did. It’s the Mythic Oil by L’Oreal Paris that is specially made for the kind of hair that I have. Damaged, prone to straightening treatments and thin. At once I made my purchase and waited for the order to arrive, it did not take long for my order to reach at the door step which is a super plus point for me to shop at their online store over and over again.

To my surprise, my hair instantly after using the product became less frizzy, soft and non-greasy at all. I must say that this product has worked wonders for me because at times when I skip on using the conditioner after shampooing my hair, I use this magical mythic oil more than one pump squeezed and apply it on my hair. I don’t even feel like I ever skipped on the hair conditioner after shampooing them. It is such a delightful feeling to carry my straight, less frizzy and easy to manage hair with the help of this product from their online store. There are also other online stores which supply the same type of products.