How to Clean Sand Pool Filter Efficiently

Yes, even the cleaning gadgets need cleaning therapy. I know many of you might think that the pool filter does not work perfectly. But the fact is, your filter needs a boosting therapy-clean it!  

Some of you are might be new to this pool maintenance thing. Keeping it all hygienic might cost all your energy to you. Although, leaving it dirty is not even an option. Of course, you need to figure it out and need to come up with a better solution.

By the way, the pool filter is still a better and most convenient tool. As far as you have a private pool, swimming time and desire to enjoy your summer vibes, feel free to opt for a pool filter. However, for this, you just need to take out a little spare time to clean your filter. 

We can help you with this. Just take it easy. Cleaning filters is not a rocket science. Just follow the steps and get your filter cleaned within the hour. 

#1 Look on the pressure gauges

Your pressure gauge will eventually indicate you with “hey, please clean me”. If you have both; inlet and outlet pressure gauge. If it signifies 16 and 20 psi. This means the time has come where you should start cleaning your filter. By the way, if there is only one gauge i.e. the inlet pressure gauge then the indication might be shown as 8 to 10 psi. Time to being the process!

#2 Switch off your pump 

In case, if any of you don’t know how does a pool pump work then it’s fine, still you have to switch it off while cleaning. Focus on cleaning.  For your safety, you just need to assure that pump is not working. Although, for the surety, you can even turn off the pump’s power, directly from the circuit. 

#3 Time to change settings 

Once you are sure that your pump is not functioning then feel free to change the settings of your filter. There is a valve, attached to your filter. Yeah, that is the thing. You need to switch the valve and then convert t it into the ‘backwash’ setting. There you go!

#4 Need to reposition the waste hose 

Ok, so in 4th step, you need to take out your backwash hose and try repositioning it on the nozzle of backwash. Now carefully fix the hose with an immobilizer of metal hose and try to fix it tightly (using screwdriver could help you in tightening the hose). Emphasize on the other side where you would prefer to release your dirt. 

#5 Good to go 

Done with all 4 steps? Ok great! Now, re-set your filter (including the pump) and oh, don’t forget to switch on the button. Here, you are all set to go with the cleaned filter. By the way, if you think that your filter needs a detailed cleaning therapy then don’t hesitate to do it. 

Pool filters are not the missiles. Clean your filter without fear. Although, you might need some safety precautions before you start the process. Enjoy your pool time!

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