One Legitimate Solution to Overcome Baldness

Pregnancy is the most beautiful phase in a woman’s life. It teaches her real life lessons and brings loads and loads of fortune and luck towards her. I had been through it too.  I had been into pregnancy twice in my whole life and that makes me mother of two lovely children. A boy and a girl. I still remember the day when I got birth to my younger daughter, how happy I was. These were the life changing days of my life until I was stuck with hair fall issues and that really depressed me. To prevent further hair fall, I had to do something and I was searching for a solution for such a long time. The story begins when my friend Kesar told me about Dr. CYJ hair filler which he had bought from He suggested me to try the product and I as convinced quite easily since I was in utter desperation.

As soon as I finished my lactation period of my second child, my life turned upside down. This is because of the fact that pregnancy bears loads of strength and utilizes a part of your energy from your body and this is what happened with me too. Due to all the struggles, I have suffered the past few years; my body showed me sings of hair fall.

At first, I thought, it would be like normal hair fall and will go once I start up on my normal routine. I began to take care of my skin o help them grow healthier but there was no way my hair fall issues was going to be resolved.

I was going to those days when a huge chunk of my hair from my scalp used to get out in shower, in bed and while routinely brushing my hair. It was stressing me out to higher levels.

Before, the things get out of my control, I thought of having a cure to my hair fall problem. I wen tot dermatologist but she gave me the same treatment systems which I had been using for quite a long time. I did research over hair fall permanent solutions, and where I got idea of having my hair treated with hair fillers.

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As there are a number of fillers in the market with different names and specifications, I had to choose one suitable for me and that I did after reading much about fillers for more than two weeks. I selected Dr. CYJ hair filler for my skin. As it essential ingredients contain hyaluronic acid, amino acid and protein i.e. collagen which is very much organic and healthy for increasing hair follicles on your scalp.

I had to choose the authentic vendor for my purchase of right product and I chose They make sure the quality of products and supply original products to their buyers. Well, after when my cosmetic surgery of Dr. CYJ hair filler was done, I had to wait for another month to see the visible results. And guess what? Not even a month, but within just two weeks my scalp was able to grow short hair and I could clearly feel them on my head.

It was a life changing moment for me as I got to experience the fresh and beautiful black hair back on my scalp, once again, like they used to be before pregnancy hit.

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