Leak Detector for refrigerant

These are vital to find out if there are any leaks or faults in a cooling unit, and having a good detector would help to determine any faults in a quicker manner. These are occasionally categorized into four different types, including  standing leaks, when the unit is off, pressure leaks, when a certain amount of pressure has been obtained,  Vibration leak, when some sort of stress is put into the unit and lastly temperature leaks, when there is a fluctuation between temperature change. The reason detection of leaks is so crucial is because it is saving any damage that will occur in the future which is why having a solid detector will guarantee a long lasting and proper functioning Cooling unit.

Methods of Leak Detection

Bubble solution-  Soap is placed where the leak is, causing bubbles to form.

Halide torches- If a leak has been detected a flame on the torch will turn from red to green, if it is exposed to Chlorine.

Fluorescent dye- Placed inside the A/C, and if there is a leak a colored dye will appear, making it easy for the technician.

Ultrasonic detectors- Helps to exaggerate the sound in order to determine if the leak has been  detected.

Leak Detector For Refrigerant

What does a good refrigerant need to have?

Sensitive detection ability-  It needs to be able to detect leaks quickly and readily. By having a highly sensitive detector, it would result in any faults being told rescuing time and money as not much damage would have been done.  However, a detector that is too sensitive can also mean the device finding difficulties detecting faults for regular things, such as soap and water. As a result detecting for no reason, which is inconvenient for the users.

Energy Efficient- The device needs to be able to run for long periods of time non-stop. Customers find it hectic having to constantly charge their devices and by having a long battery life, it causes less hassle for the customers. It is also important to have rechargeable batteries, so that there is no need to consistently change batteries as it takes away time but also money.

Examples of good Leak Detectors.

Inficon Tek-Mate Refrigerant Detector

There are many reasons that make this detector such a successful one.  It is extremely light in weight, and can be carried around anywhere and can be used to all times.  Its highly energy efficient rechargeable batteries mean it can run for long periods of time without consuming too much energy. Typically with four hours of charging, the battery can last up to a whole day making it really convenient for the users.

Elitech ILD-200 

An extremely durable detector, and can usually last up to 10 years without it needing to be replaced or changed.  It is also highly sensitive resulting in quick and accurate detection of leaks, so that users are constantly informed.  Finally, it is remarkably energy efficient, and can last two whole days on 15 hours of charging.