They bring the best Hair to life

Hi, my name is Elsa I am here to share my experience with “Who does your hair.” It’s a hair salon in San Bernardino. I will share my story in short that how I came across such a talented hairstylist.

I usually don’t write reviews or blogs for anyone because I haven’t met anyone exceptional in hair thing.

“Who does your hair” service forces me to write for them. Here you go, one day I was sitting with my sister, and we were discussing our brother’s wedding. We want everything to be perfect, from makeup to hair because we have only one brother.

Our sister in law was from a different city, and she was coming to San Bernardino, and it was my duty to take care of her everything.

There was not a single chance to choose something bad for her, which will become worst for us in the future because the wedding is the day the bride wants to look the best.

My cousin is a makeup and hairstylist artist in San Bernardino, and she is in this business for around nine years, and experience speaks a lot. We are not sure about the time slot that whether she will be available on that day or not, but we were hoping our best.

As she is one of the best artists, usually people booked her in advance sometimes four months before people booked her. Her skills are exceptional, and her way of doing things is different yet beautiful compare to others.

Hair and makeup saves your soul

We called her to ask about the time, and luckily she was free that day and asks her to book the appointment for my sister in law, and I asked her to give extra attention to her.

She laughed at my point and promised me that her salon would give their 200%. And I was not at all confused because I knew her since childhood and she is an identified person in San Bernardino.

We gave this news to our sister in law that her makeup and hairstylist is finalized and she has to go and get ready. She was asking too many questions about the salon, the makeup artist, the hairstylist I just concluded my answer in 3 words, wait and watch.

I tried to remove the confusion from her, but being a bride, it was pretty obvious. But I was confident enough that after hair and makeup, she will be on cloud nine for sure.

The big day came, and she was all set to leave for the salon with all her things, dress, shoes, jewelry, etc.

Every single thing was so pretty that makeup has to turn out best to complement her other stuff.

My sister in la skin color is not fair, but it’s brownish, and I love her skin tone. So, my cousin did her makeup according to her skin tone, and I can’t describe in words how beautiful she was looking in that gray gown and makeup.

She tied her hair, which was looking perfect on her, and it was complimenting her makeup and dress so well that she was looking like a Disney princess.

On behalf of her I want to thank my cousin for the makeup and hairstyle she did on my sister in law.

I want to recommend her salon to all the readers not because she is my cousin, but she is one of the best we have in San Bernardino.

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